About Arashi shabu-shabu

 ‘Lan’ means fog in the mountains in Chinese while ‘Arashi’ is its Japanese Romaji version. In our logo design, the character ‘Lan’ is illustrated as a hot pot cooking over charcoal fire to associate the images of the lingering fog and the rising hot steam.


Modern concept Arashi has a cozy and delicate yet stylish and elegant interior, with a bold and innovative cool colour scheme that creates a calming effect on a otherwise sweat-dripping hotpot experience.

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Arashi offers a wide selection of broth bases that has been developed and refined by the Chef, including the healthy vegetarian variety.

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Our unique sauce bar also provides exclusive dipping sauces to complement the shabu shabu flavor.


At Arashi, the shabu shabu is individually served, but if shabu shabu is not your favourite, there are dishes such as Bibimbap and Teppanyaki to suit your taste.

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Fancy an unconventional shabu shabu? Why not give it a swish, try it out at Arashi?

(shabu-shabu literally means swish-shish, the swishing sound the meat makes as you drag it in the hot pot.)

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