5 Star Japanese Buffet at Your Party

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japanese buffet catering in JBBring 5-star Japanese buffet to your party and make the occasion memorable for you and your guests.

Proudly brought to you by Kinsahi, a popular Japanese restaurant chain, the service is available in Southern and Central Malaysia, from Johor and Melacca to Kuala Lumpur.

And what’s more! It can be more affordable than you might have thought.

Contact our catering service hotline now. You are able to choose from a great variety of Japanese delights when designing your unique menu to suit the occasion. From Sashimi, Sushi to Teppanyaki.

Chefs, waiters and waitresses are around to provide your guests with warm personal attention and service. The foods are prepared fresh on the spot. Décor is meticulously done by the team to make your party welcoming, impressive and interesting.

Professional Chefs and Service Crew

IMG_ (2134)sLeave the whole thing to us. We know that you want it to be hassle-free, so we get the crew to take care of all the details, from doing up the décor, setting up of the food counters, cooking and serving the food to cleaning up after the event. It is a turn-key service that have enthralled many of our customers.

As a matter of fact, the on-site cooking of our chefs can be a sight to behold. it is like live performance that can be so charming it adds much enchantment to the event.

On the other hand, the service crew serves your guests with personal attention, giving the pleasure of dining compatible to that of a restaurant.

KSH156Fresh Ingredients

The ingredients, from raw seafood and vegetables to fruits are obtained fresh, and kept at low temperature during transportation, so that they are as tantalizing and delicious as they being served in our restaurants.

Variety of Menu

KSH123 300We have carefully thought-through menus for you to choose from, so that you don’t have to design your menu from scratch. On the other hand, we have made room for customization so that you are able to develop a unique menu to suit your occasion. It can be as simple as a single counter of Wagyu to match your bigger menu provided by other caterer.

Value for Money

We are aware that you would want an impressive occasion and yet keep the costs of the event within your budget. We have, therefore, designed a number of options for you to choose from. The budget can be based on the number of guests or a lump sum or other innovative ways that we can work it out together.

Call our hotline now to find out more details, 1700-81-8689 or fill up the contact form immediately.


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